5 Types Of Men Women Find The Most Attractive

What do women find attractive in a man? You might wonder, read on to uncover the 5 captivating types of men that catch their attention. 

What do women find attractive in a man? Read on to find out.
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Can’t this never-ending cycle of terrible dates and short-lived relationships just end? Asked Jake.

Whenever I remember how hard it is for me to make it to second dates and how all of the few relationships I’ve ever been in, never survive after the honeymoon phase ends, it feels like I’m destined to remain single forever.

Feels familiar?

Often, having an almost inexistent or downright terrible dating and love life due to your heavy struggle with landing romantic partners and even having everything crashed to your face in a very little period whenever you manage to find one just sucks.

And it’s easy to get drowned in worries of what you’ve been doing wrong as you even wonder if you’re just terribly unattractive since you can’t get hold of what keeps repelling women away from you.

Well, you don’t have to worry so much again. Because you can rewrite your dating and love life story if you can at least try to work on yourself until you become one of the types of men women find the most attractive.

What do women find attractive in a man? By focusing on self-improvement and embodying the qualities that resonate with women, you can transform your dating experiences.

It’s time to take a closer look at the traits and characteristics that make men irresistible to women, and with a little effort and dedication, you can become that man who captivates hearts and creates lasting connections.

Shall I show you these types of men?

1. Men Who Exude True Confidence

Sometimes, being extremely arrogant, pretentious, and boastful in the hopes of getting women to like you is one of the worst things one could ever do in the women’s department because such actions will get women fawning over you rather than liking you.

However, one of the best ways to increase your chances of being a terrific catch that a prospective partner can’t afford to miss out on is to exude true confidence rather than “false confidence” cloaked in arrogance and cockiness. What do women find attractive in a man? Genuine confidence is high on the list. Women are drawn to men who display a secure sense of self without crossing into the territory of being overly self-assured.

It’s the kind of confidence that stems from self-awareness, humility, and a balanced understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

The problem with most guys, when approaching a woman they like, is that they’ll do whatever they not just to impress her, but also to win her over. They don’t give a damn about what she says about herself or anything else because they’ve become so focused on portraying themselves as a terrific catch she can’t afford to lose.

They brag about their achievements, social standing, and success tales. They will even go so far as to make arrogant remarks to the waitress and in response to her stories, etc.

And what they forget is that truly confident men do not require validation from others to prove their value. Instead, they function as their cheerleaders and rely on their inner compass to steer them to their desired destination.

Because the harsh reality is that no matter how hard one tries to hide it, his fears and lack of confidence will still be seen underneath his haughtiness and arrogance.

That’s why true confident men who always exude their confidence often show their ability to care and understand enough to listen and show interest in learning more about their partners.

They’re also self-aware enough to accept their partner’s views and avoid demeaning their partner or anybody.

Hence, if you want to be a truly confident man no woman will want to resist, your best bet might be, to build lasting confidence rather than being overly arrogant and cocky which reeks of insecurity and isn’t appreciated by people in general, not just women.

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2. Emotionally Expressive Men

The ability of a man to share all of the different parts of himself, especially the parts he struggles with the most, or sharing his inner world with his partner, is one of the most admirable traits most women find in men. However, some men prefer physical intimacy to emotional intimacy because they believe that being emotionally expressive is a sign of weakness.

They’re unaware that it’s their flawed mentality towards vulnerability and emotional expressiveness — perceiving it as a sign of weakness that frequently leaves them feeling frustrated even after winning over a romantic partner.

They’re also unaware of the fact that it’s because they aren’t understood by their partners that they barely do meaningful activities and lead more fulfilling lives together with their partners.

Because it’s impossible to enjoy a romantic relationship if both you and your partner don’t have a deep level of openness and vulnerability, or if there isn’t an overall sense of closeness to each other in your day-to-day lives.

That’s why one of the most admirable traits of a terrific catch that a prospective partner can’t afford to miss is the ability to create the feeling of closeness and connection between two prospective partners, as well as the fact that both parties will truly see, hear, and value each other.

So what do women find attractive in a man? The capacity to foster genuine emotional intimacy ranks high on the list. Women desire partners who can establish a deep sense of connection by actively listening, empathizing, and validating their feelings.

Because women don’t want to play the guessing game. Plus, it’s exhausting to keep analyzing one’s reactions, behaviors, etc to ascertain what one really wants, feels, and anything else.

Hence, it will be so much easier if you are expressive so they don’t have to live in complete oblivion of who you are, what you need, and how you truly feel.

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3. Men Who are Transparent Enough to Accept Their Faults

A man who lacks enough transparency and is even so much self-unaware to at least half sincerely and effectively apologize whenever he unintentionally or otherwise hurts a partner, love interest, or anyone else might be so because of the following reasons:

Firstly, he might be obsessed with being right and projecting a strong persona. Hence, apologizing seems like a threat and might make him come off as a weakling.

Or maybe offering apologies often seem to him like an admission of inadequacy — as if something’s fundamentally flawed about him or like he’s a flat-out terrible person.

Worse, he might be struggling to often offer apologies first after conflicts because it often feels like shouldering all the guilt and responsibilities for the fight, relieving any other person involved of their own part and responsibilities.

And lastly, but also most significantly, it might be because of his lack of empathy and inability to put himself in the place of others.

In a world where people crave genuine, intimate connections with real humans who exhibit every natural human characteristic, including being able to make mistakes that’ll hurt one’s feelings or cause them pain, and also being able to take responsibility, apologize, and make amends, what do women find attractive in a man?

The ability to show vulnerability and humility is highly regarded. Women are drawn to men who can acknowledge their mistakes, sincerely apologize, and take steps to make things right.

Because in truth, a sincere apology is nothing but an admission that one has made a mistake and is willing to make amends. It also doesn’t just allow the other party to take responsibility for their part in a conflict or argument.

But will also mean that you’re human enough to embrace your human nature to pave way for resolution, reaffirmation of shared values, and restoration of positive feelings during heated situations.

Well, only a few things can be as attractive as this. And the most attractive men in the sight of women know this.

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4. Men Who don’t Feel the Need to Prove Themselves with Some Bullshit

A self-acclaimed ‘strong man’ whose dating and love life can be best described as a complete mess full of drama and is just stressful for the few unfortunate women he has ever managed to get might be plagued with the terror of his deep-seated urge to prove himself with some bullshit.

The most common BS a lot of men use to prove themselves is putting on an alpha disposition mask to hide their weaknesses and insecurities instead of being themselves and owning their insecurities and weaknesses as truly strong men do.

But when all you do is try so hard to hide your weaknesses and insecurities behind the fa├žade of brash asshole-ness simply because you want to project yourself as an alpha male, you won’t only be engaging in toxic masculinity, but will also be discouraging and harming humanity.

Because the truth is that being a ‘strong’ alpha male comes with the price of having to always meet the ‘standards’ of being an alpha male which is one of the most ridiculous reasons a lot of young men have met their sudden demise. So it isn’t just a mere toxic masculinity myth but something that poses a huge threat to your life. Hence, why you’ll need to ditch such BS.

Besides, it makes you come off as unrelatable and inhuman. Because when you choose to be the extra invincible and unnatural alpha male, you’ll practically be void of vulnerability which is a common trait of true humans.

And unless you eventually make peace with and project your most authentic, vulnerable self, you’ll forever be swimming in a never-ending cycle of terrible dates and short-lived relationships. So what do women find attractive in a man? The ability to embrace vulnerability and authenticity is a highly sought-after trait.

Women are drawn to men who are comfortable with themselves, including their imperfections and vulnerabilities.

That’s why the most attractive and authentic strong men out there never shy away from their weaknesses and insecurities as they always project nothing but their true, authentic, and vulnerable selves with no added layer of BS. And so should you.

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5. Men Who are Driven Towards Finding What they Want

Wait, before you go, this isn’t about the cliche of what you generally want in life. I mentioned this because I know that it’s widely believed that one should always look out for what the opposite sex finds irresistible and try in every possible way to tailor, adjust, and fit himself into what they want to make them fall for him.

But in truth, this is just one of the many ways to easily fall into the unattractive and repulsive zone of chronic neediness.

And while it might not seem obviously effective, thinking “I hope I’ll find out if she’ll be what I want” instead of being obsessed with whether she’ll find you attractive or not will make her more likely to find you attractive ten times than the latter ever will.

The bottom line? Learn to care less about whether a love interest will like you or not and instead try to find out if you’ll like her.

Avoid trying to avoid rejections at all costs because yes, it’s inevitable and usually has nothing to do with you.

And finally, learn to let the chips fall where they may as you focus more on going after what you want instead of trying to make someone fall for you at all costs.

And also bear in mind that it’s okay for what you want not to want you in return, and it doesn’t mean you won’t eventually find the one that’ll want you as much as you want them. Just so you know, what do women find attractive in a man? The most attractive men out there, who are also very successful with women, know, believe, and practice these principles.

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