5 Signs Someone Never Really Loved You

Is your partner’s love genuine? Discover the telltale signs he doesn’t love you. This blog post exposes 5 clear indications that can help you evaluate your relationship.

Signs he doesn't love you? Read on to find out.
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Extreme relationship uncertainty breeds a deep overwhelming feeling of anxiety. When you don’t know your stand with your partner, you doubt if they truly love you. You feel anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed, even if you know what you suppose to do: walking out of the one-sided relationship.

The truth is, relationships are something we can’t control. And it’s difficult to understand what’s going on in someone else’s head and mind. Hence, we are most uncertain about the true feelings of others towards us, and it’s normal.

But there’s a difference between uncertainty caused by fear of your partner’s behaviors and uncertainty of not understanding what is going on in someone else’s head and mind. and true feelings.

For instance, you could be having some little, naggling feelings of doubt and fear that your partner might also cheat on you as your ex did. Which is quite normal and easy to brush off because your partner isn’t your ex unless you haven’t completely gotten over the pain caused by your ex.

But that’s not the kind of uncertainty, fear, and doubts we are talking about. We are talking about deep feelings of uncertainty about your relationship which are fueled by your partner’s toxic behaviors.

1. They will often compare you to others

Someone who does not love you will frequently compare you to other people around you instead of truly loving you for who you are without negative comparison.

And they will only compare your negative aspects because they believe you do not deserve their affection.

Since no two people are created equal, the moment someone begins comparing you to others, they will certainly discover that the other person is smarter, hotter, nicer, or something-er than you.

The problem is that there is no joy in comparison, and the terrible reality is that the moment they start comparing you to others, your relationship will fall apart.

Being constantly compared to other people, will just drain your energy and make you lose your self-esteem.

So, I see no reason to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you genuinely because the only relationship that thrives is a relationship where couples never compare their partners to others.

Instead, they consider some qualities about their partner that they genuinely admire and, after doing so, frequently acknowledge how extremely lucky they are to be with them rather than someone else.

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2. They want to keep your relationship a secret

If your partner always wants to keep your relationship a secret or under wraps, then, it’s probably because of a few different reasons:

  • They might be using you.
  • They might be worried about being embarrassed.
  • They might be seeing someone else.
  • You’re the side chick.
  • They never really love you.

In a world where people show off and publicize their relationship to prove their social status and self-worth — which is actually wrong, but that doesn’t make it right for a partner to be too secretive that even their closest friends don’t know of their relationship.

Because you suppose to be with someone who is willing to show you off to the world, show them how you both are happy to have each other and how important you both are to each other.

And there is nothing that is more superficial in a relationship than when your partner wants to keep it a secret.

So If you’re in a relationship or getting into a relationship that your partner wants to keep secret, it’s important for you to fully know that they don’t love you because private life doesn’t guarantee maturity but a way to use in playing with your heart or emotions.

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3. They don’t make an effort to understand your needs

As long as we might wish that our relationship would play out like a fairy tale, the truth is a healthy and romantic relationship doesn’t happen by accident: it requires a lot of effort from both partners.

We all know that relationships are all about giving and taking, which in other words means meeting one another’s needs, and these needs are crucial to our happiness in our relationships and even in life in general.

Yet, someone who doesn’t love you will only care about their needs disregarding and in the worst-case scenario, disrespecting your needs in the relationship.

They will deeply crave understanding and attention towards their feelings, interests, preferences, or habits and will do nothing in return but invalidate your desire.

Here’s the catch: you don’t need to be in a relationship where your partner will pay little to no attention to your desires, and needs because nothing thrives on neglect.

But rather be in a relationship where both you and your partner will be highly respectful and understanding of each other’s needs or desires even when it means you don’t always get what you want because you can’t grow your relationship if you aren’t both making an active effort to maintain your romantic connection.

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4. They never reveal their true intention or emotion

As humans, it’s absolutely difficult to read someone’s thoughts to determine whether they actually love us or play with our emotions. Because it takes the same strategies to like or deceive someone.

That is why the greatest approach to protecting oneself from unexpected heartbreaks, disappointments, and shame in a relationship is to be in a relationship with genuine emotional transparency.

But someone who doesn’t love you will never express their feelings easily, and will never reveal their true emotions.

They will simply keep it to themselves because they never feel a strong enough connection to be open with you.

And the harsh reality is, false emotions don’t sustain or build relationships especially when someone is suppressing how they really feel.

Because They can’t show up in the way that a romantic partner will show up making the other partner feel rejected and unloved in the relationship.

In other words, being in a relationship with someone who’s emotionally unavailable or never reveal their true intentions or emotion is one of the true sign that they never loved you but only played with your emotions.

Hence, if you want to get the best out of your relationship is being with someone who’s courageously open and vulnerable no matter how frightening it might be because avoiding issues will most likely result in bigger problems in the long run.

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5. They always want to change you

Being eager to change someone’s personality or imposing a will on them is a sign of a lack of love and a killer of happiness, especially if you are the one experiencing it.

The problem is that most people are only in a relationship not because of love, but because of what they believe an ideal partner will look like, as a result of reading a lot of articles, blog posts, and even books about an ideal partner.

And it frequently leads to them wanting to change or impose on their partner the characteristics they believe an ideal partner should have.

While the concept of an ideal partner is not inherently negative, these same people opt to go in the opposite direction and build their own interpretation of an ideal partner, which has led them to develop destructive attitudes and unrealistic fairy-tale.

And if the partner does not match their ideal spouse, they may be in the relationship for pleasure or other perks, which will keep them at an artificial level.

However, great partners, on the other hand, are noted for their capacity to unconditionally embrace their significant others exactly as they are.

But, someone who doesn’t love you will often want to change not only your behaviors but also your personality.

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