5 Psychological Super Habits That’ll Make You An Irresistible Man

Unlock the secrets to what makes a man attractive with these 5 powerful psychological habits. Read on to discover what sets the most attractive men apart and how you too can become the man of your dreams. 

What makes a man attractive? Read on to find out.
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Have you ever wished you could find an almost permanent solution to your heavy struggle with finding and keeping a woman? Or maybe you’ve been struggling to do something about your somewhat non-existent or downright terrible dating life but can’t stop feeling like something’s off about your dating life?

If so, you’ve probably found yourself wondering why some other guys seem to find it a lot easier to attract and date highly attractive women you can only wish to have the opportunity to date. And you might have also read a book or two about dating and relationships coupled with hundreds of articles online on how to achieve success with women, but here’s the problem with all of these:

You don’t need to make or convince someone to be romantically interested in you or fall in love with you, you only need to be that person the right woman wouldn’t be able to say no to. What matters is your personality, mindset, and habits.

While most of the pickup books and articles out there are mostly bent on teaching you how you’ll get a woman to like and fall in love with you, real attraction is more complex than something you can force someone into.

For someone to be genuinely attracted to you or find you irresistible doesn’t happen because you did, said, or played some kind of top-notch game on her, but because she appreciates and falls flat for your personality or who you truly are as a person, including your quirkiness and imperfections.

That’s why I’ve put together the lists below that are nothing but sneak peeks into a few of the main components of irresistible men’s mindsets, personalities, and habits, copy them and you’ll eventually find that the right women will find you too hot to resist, because below are few things that perfectly answers the question: what makes a man attractive?

1. Caring less whether or not someone likes you in return.

Attracting, winning over, or even having success dating women is so much more than just being liked or loved in return by every woman you’re interested in.

It’s about how you deeply feel and react when someone you so much desire to be with doesn’t even like you enough to be friends with you. Or just wants to be friends with you.

Sure, rejections suck. And we all would want all the people we’re romantically interested in to feel the same way towards us. But that’s logically impossible. And hence, why men who know what makes a man attractive and as a result, have irresistibly achieved lots of success with women, live by the following principles:

  • Never attach your worth and value to what a woman thinks of you: Especially when you get rejected, because it doesn’t in any way mean you’re unlovable, not interesting enough, unattractive, or unworthy of affection. It has a lot more to do with them than it has to do with you. You’re amazing! And the right person will not fail to notice that.
  • You don’t have to fight for it: You don’t need to go out of your way to make someone like or love you. Affection isn’t supposed to be a sports tournament where you have to either be an inauthentic nice guy, adopt a fake personality, or sacrifice your self-respect all in the name of fighting hard to win the tournament (someone’s love and affection.)
  • Be your authentic confident self no matter what: All this boils down to this: Being your true confident self will make you more irresistible than anything else. Just quit worrying about how you look, what you say, or anything else and be your quirky, kind, and unique self while looking out for that special person that will appreciate that.

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2. Being a damn cool listener.

Contrary to what most people think, the best listeners are one of the most attractive people out there. And not the arrogant or cocky fellows who can’t just stop talking about themselves, their achievements, their feelings, and their opinions.

Being a great and amusing communicator is one of the sexiest qualities of irresistible people, however, great listening habits and skills are one of the main qualities of a good communicator. Yet, a lot of men can’t just be patient enough to listen to women they’re ‘interested in.’

Many men fail hopelessly in the women’s department because they’re overly arrogant, pretentious, and boastful. The worst part is that they believe such behaviors will get women drooling over them.

Well, they aren’t just dead wrong. The thing is their endless running mouths that wouldn’t even allow the people they claim to be interested in giving them a sneak peek of themselves and eventually knowing them even deeper will forcefully repel the women away more than anything else.

While it’s quite great and even advisable to also have your voice and not just sit there and listen all day when out with a love interest, making the conversation one-sided that it gives your prospective dates little to no chance to open up and share themselves with you, will have an even worse effect than just sitting down and listening while contributing little to the discussion.

Because being able to make a woman almost instantly comfortable around you is such a big deal enough to win you not just half of the battle of getting into her pants, but also into her heart. And what’s one of the first and easiest ways to achieve this?

Give her some damn cool and chilly listening ears enough to not only make her comfortable around you but also get her emotionally connected to you.

So, even though you’re not to go overboard with it to the extent that you come off as detached, being a damn cool listener can easily make a lot of ladies let their guards down, open their hearts to you, and in the long run, make you irresistibly attractive.

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3. Paying respectful and sincere compliments.

Sounds too obvious? I know, but unfortunately, most men don’t just get it.

What do you do when a woman you like looks stunningly beautiful on a beautiful morning or does or even achieves something commendable?

Do you make overly inappropriate, awkward, or sexually charged comments? Or do you hold your peace so as not to give her any hint that you find her attractive and that you might be interested in her?

Well, either of these reek of over creepiness and neediness.

It might not seem like a big deal, but it is.

How you vulnerably hint or even express your romantic interest or in Mark Manson’s words, your truth, hugely matters and impacts your attractiveness score and how much people you’re interested in feel the same towards you.

And one simple yet effective way to communicate your truth is by paying a woman respectful and sincere compliments that’ll not just make her heart sing but will give her some assurance of your romantic interest in her.

Now, the problem is that a lot of men know how greatly complimenting a woman can affect their wooing efforts or attempts. And at the end of the day, they end up throwing overly flattering and insincere compliments at the woman.

On the other hand, some other men are fond of making overly normal compliments that don’t in any way communicate their romantic or sexual interest in a woman.

And worse, other men simply make compliments that are overly sexually charged and aren’t just awkward, but also disrespectful towards the woman.

All these, in some way, make them come across as needy, creepy, and unattractive at best.

I know I might sound confusing and like any other thing you do aside from the three scenarios above, will also be wrong. But hold on. Because getting it right with compliments lies in between how sincere your compliments are, how they sincerely communicate your truth, and how respectful of the woman they are.

Long story short, if you think a woman is beautiful, hot, has a charming smile, cute lips, or is intelligent due to the way she delivered a presentation, just tell her that. Instead of telling her, she looks like an angel that just fell from heaven or that she has the nicest ass ever. Or anything that doesn’t convey your romantic interest at all.

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4. Demonstrating charming dominance.

I was a chronic people-pleasing wimp for more than half of my entire life so far. But I know that the #1 reason why a lot of men come off as romantically undesirable to most women they’re interested in is that they’re nothing more than pushovers who always follow while others lead.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to be downright pushy, aggressive, rude, and bossy to be successful with women. Because it’ll not only make you unattractive but will also make you annoyingly unbearable instead of irresistible.

Women generally find these types of men irresistible — men who are gently dominant in a way that demonstrates their self-assurance and belief in themselves and at the same time, respectful of the women’s opinions and feelings.

On the other hand, being so subservient that you even let her make most and even seemingly insignificant dating decisions like where, when, and what you’ll eat or do when you hang out, buying into every one of her opinions even when you disagree with them, and worse, letting her off the hook for every time she crosses your self-respecting boundaries will make her have little to no respect for you.

And women rarely feel a genuinely strong attraction towards men they don’t have much respect for.

In the same way, you shouldn’t in any way try to be toxic in the name of being dominant because that’s not what makes a man attractive, but as I said earlier, you need to be also considerate and respectful towards the women’s feelings and opinions, and only then will you be charmingly dominant.

“A strong man of value is that man who has so much respect for women that he doesn’t see the need to mansplain, invalidate a woman’s feelings, or even disrespect her for having no romantic interest in him when he likes her.”

As far as attraction is concerned, displaying habits that are nothing more than a lack of respect for a woman’s boundaries whether it’s her sexual boundaries by either dropping sexually charged remarks or making overly sexual moves with where you touch her, or other boundaries like her opinions, feelings, wishes, etc will never make her comfortable around you.

And like you must have already known, a woman who’s always on her guard around you, will rarely open up and connect with you let alone, have romantic feelings for you.

The thing is, if you watch closely, you’ll see that all the points in this post all boil down to this: The level of respect you show a woman to the extent of making her know that you’re also comfortable with being turned down will make her comfortable around you and might, in turn, make her find you irresistible.

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