6 Of The Most Underrated Things Guys Find Unattractive In Women

Discover the truth behind unattractive women as we delve into the most underrated aspects that guys find unappealing. 

Unattractive women? Here's what makes some women unattractive.
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It’s not always about looks that’s why we get a lot of unattractive women.

If you search the whole internet for how to be attractive, you’ll only end up with a lot of promises.

But the truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to attraction.

Because attraction is a tough topic everybody has a different perspective on what they think is attractive and what is not.

Thinking about my previous relationships and that of people around me, I firmly believe that what men find attractive in women, isn’t always about being physically gorgeous and sexy.

I’ve seen a handful of not-so-great-looking ladies who have a lot of guys chasing after them and trying to win their hearts.

I’ve witnessed both stunningly attractive women and unattractive women who face challenges in maintaining fulfilling relationships as something inexplicably repels potential partners from the latter.

Being sexy and attractive is great. Most guys including me, are easily attracted to beauty and great looks, but there are a few underrated things that can instantly turn off our switch of attraction.

And if my girlfriend had any of the following behaviors, I would have probably left her a long time ago.

She has no drive.

Nothing turns a guy off like an unattractive woman or girl who appears to lack a clear sense of purpose or direction in her life.

I’m not in any way trying to sound like a typical “self-help” guru but all I’m saying is that a guy who has a clear vision for his future, wouldn’t want to take things deeper with someone who doesn’t seem to know what to do with her life.

For instance, if she constantly gets things started but ends up quitting like almost consistent job quitting or changing majors in school, she is simply unstable.

Worse, it will be insanely tiresome for a man to stay with such a woman as he’ll feel a kind of obligation to rescue and drive her on the right path of life.

In a world filled with options and opportunities, not everyone is courageous enough to live a purposeful life or chase their dreams and passions.

Hence, most people settle for watching TV, movies, etc. That’s why I find it sexy when a girl has a clear vision for her future and knows her purpose or direction in life.

Secondly, being with a woman who has a strong desire to do and accomplish amazing things, encourages communication which will, in turn, foster your connection.

Because you’ll have tons of meaningful things to talk about as you aspire each other to attain greater heights.

Although a woman doesn’t just need to be ambitious career-wise, she could be ambitious in gaining knowledge, being more healthy, and improving the relationship, and her life in general. Instead of just thinking of what to eat, when to sleep, how to pay bills, or when she’ll die.

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She’s excessively needy and clingy.

In a romantic relationship, it’s always great to have a healthy environment that supports spending time apart from each other.

But some women would want to stay by their men all day long if given the chance.

But unattractive women, determined to exert control, go to great lengths to smother or suffocate their partners. They exhibit no hesitation in making incessant calls, often up to 25 times an hour, just to check on you. Their evident sorrow becomes apparent when you plan to spend time with your male friends.

They’re a kind of controlling, they’ll never want you to stay out of their sight, they’re all over you, giving you no breathing space, all in the name of making you feel wanted.

Making a lover feel loved, appreciated, and wanted is one thing, but suffocating him with some needy and crazy habits is just another story.

That’s why it’ll be nice if a woman goes for fitness classes, and embarks on regular outings with friends, in fact, she should get herself occupied as she does things she enjoys while the man does his own so they’ll share their experiences while they chill together.

She wears too much makeup.

I understand that makeup is an individual choice and every woman is entitled to use it in whatever way pleases her.

After all, it’s her face, she’s free to embrace whatever makeup technique she likes. But wearing excessive makeup?

Indulging in excessive makeup, with the sole intention of camouflaging one’s insecurities and creating a false perception of beauty, can be unappealing and unattractive, regardless of whether it is embraced by women who already feel unattractive.

But wearing excessive makeup for no other reason than to mask your insecurities and deceive yourself (and even others) that you are more beautiful than you really are, is quite a turn-off and unattractive.

I don’t really think that wearing makeup is bad but I do feel like being overly dependable on makeup to feel and look confident isn’t cool either.

The funny thing is, I’ve seen a lot of women ruin their naturally beautiful looks with excessive makeup. The bottom line?

When you wear too much makeup, you might start to look like a completely different person and men might find you to be “deceitful” when they get to see the natural you. Nobody likes that, I’m sure you don’t either.

Hence, if you must wear makeup, try to play up your natural beauty instead of covering it. As Makeup Artist Courtney Marzilli told Bustle:

Any time I am doing a makeover, I always have this idea in my mind: ‘When wearing makeup you should look like you at your most beautiful.’ Emphasis on looking like YOU.

And again, you should bear in mind that beauty is from within.

If you don’t feel good from the inside, no amount of makeup will do the magic. You might even end up feeling self-conscious all the time.

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She’s playing hard to get.

I suppose this has to do with ego or insecurity.

Unattractive women who possess an egoistic nature, relishing the attention bestowed upon them by eager suitors, often resort to playing hard to get. Similarly, those who derive satisfaction from feeling powerful and in control adopt the same tactic.

In the same way, playing hard to get, can be a clear indication of a girl’s insecurity since that’s the only valid means for her to feel desirable and want to feed her insecurity.

Either way, playing hard to get is simply childish and immature. In fact, it’s an outdated tactic that only works for high school kids.

Because not all men enjoy the thrill of the chase. Not all men are hooked by distant or aloof mind games that make them feel like they need to work hard to earn a woman’s attention, respect, and love.

I personally don’t see any reason to keep chasing after a girl who thinks she’s some “Princess” and all guys should droll over her and worship her.

There are no two ways about this. Playing overly hard to get for whatever reason is a huge turn-off for guys. Because we humans don’t usually like people who don’t like us.

Although, at times, playing hard to get can be quite rational especially if she has been previously hurt by some jerk or she doesn’t want to appear cheap. But when she always keeps her game tight until the point that it becomes boring, guys will always find her unattractive.

She’s arrogant and egotistical.

It’s easy to mistake arrogance for confidence. And some women and even men believe that people will like them more when they seamlessly brag about themselves and their achievements, abilities, etc.

But that isn’t true by any stretch of the imagination. They are simply being arrogant and egotistical.

The thing is, unattractive women, like arrogant people, often disregard the opinions of others without concern. In contrast, confident women take other people’s viewpoints into consideration, yet they remain steadfast in their actions, refusing to be swayed for the sake of seeking approval or any other motive.

Worse, egotistical, and arrogant people always try to make people around them feel less important. Nobody likes such people and men are no exception.

The truth is, a truly confident and self-assured woman wouldn’t be so bent on using some “dirty” tactics to reinforce how amazing she is because she knows that such behaviors reeks of lack of confidence and that it is ultimately unattractive and unappealing to people in general. Not just men.

What Makes Some Unattractive Women? They don’t have her opinions and always agree with everything.

Sadly enough, even in this modern era, there remains a significant number of unattractive women who still hold onto the stereotypical notion that they must be submissive to the point of relinquishing everything, including their own opinions and voice, in the name of passionate but misguided love.

They think submitting to a man’s primal instincts to be dominant and lead will make them more desirable and loved.

They think they need to always say yes and go by men’s opinions even if they aren’t comfortable with them for some reasons best known to them.

The truth, however, is, that a woman that doesn’t have her opinion isn’t attractive by any stretch of the imagination.

For sure, it might be a kind of cool at first but when a woman consistently says yes and succumbs to a man’s every opinion and suggestion, the story becomes something else.

Because it gives the relationship a one-sided direction. It even makes the relationship seem more like a father-daughter relationship instead of a romantic one.

The worst part? It reeks of a lack of confidence because the woman is directly or indirectly telling the man that her desires and opinions are inferior.

Women are indeed quick to give up a lot of things for love but a woman’s voice or opinions shouldn’t be one of them.

Because a relationship where there is no room for the opinions of both parties to be heard and respected is simply.

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