5 Red Flags That Signals He Is Not Interested In You

Discover the unmistakable signs that indicate he is just not that into you. If you’re unsure about his feelings, this comprehensive guide will reveal the clear indicators that it’s time to move on.

Want to know if he is not just that into you? Read on to find out.
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Sandra Allison recently met this guy who she really liked, and they started dating and her heart was filled with excitement and she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him…

She started doing everything in her power to make sure the relationship worked out fine without even being sure if he felt the same way about her.

Not until things start going bad and she finds herself ignoring the really bad ones because she doesn’t want to admit the person she loves isn’t actually that great for her.

Unfortunately, she found herself in a terrible relationship and started wondering what could be the problem and if he even loved her.

Would it be that she is in a one-sided relationship?

Here are 5 signs he is just not that into you.

1. He is only interested in his feelings.

There’s no getting around this…

If he’s only concerned about himself and not showing interest in you, then he is just not that into you.

To be specific, if he never bothers to ask about your feelings or if he’s not interested in you let alone your problems, and if he often forgets or never remembers things that are important to you then he is not interested in you.

A guy who truly likes you would never ignore all that concerns you instead he will shower you with attentive care and tends to bring the better part of you as he will always try to be a better partner.

So if your boyfriend or partner no longer has an interest in your feelings and needs or he is only interested in his feelings and needs is a sign that means he is playing you.

All you need to do is to use the exit door to get out of his life.

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2. You’re the only one who suggests meet-ups.

No matter what you think, If you’re always the one suggesting meet-ups, then I will say, you’re the one chasing him not him chasing you.

If you find yourself constantly suggesting meet-up locations and organizing dates without much reciprocation from him, it’s a clear indication that he is just not that into you. This lack of initiative and disinterest can be a major turn-off in relationships.

A partner or boyfriend who is truly into you will always make an effort in suggesting and organizing dates as he will always like to prioritize time together with you because a partner who loves you will always make sacrifices of their own time to find a solution where you both feel satisfied.

Suggesting meet-ups and organizing dates is supposed to be the work of both spouses but if it is only left for you then you should stop daydreaming about the both of you in the future and use the exit button out of the relationship.

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3. They don’t post pictures of you on their social media pages but they post pictures of other female friends.

I see many guys on social media who endlessly post pictures of their girlfriends or partners with “LOML and QOMH” captions. Most of the time it is because they are happy with the presence of their girlfriend or partner in their life and probably expect them to be there for a long time.

While posting of partner’s picture on social media shows how comfortable and proud you are with your relationship, It doesn’t make sense for a partner, not to post pictures of his or her partner and post pictures of other friends as it shows that they’re not proud of their partners.

So if your boyfriend doesn’t post your picture on social media but posts pictures of other female friends his probably choosing them over you which shows his not interested in you and he is only playing you as that means he is not proud of you or not happy having you in his life.

4. He often chooses his phone over you.

One of the most common things done by a guy who is not interested in you is that they often ignore you and focus on texting or talking to other people.

Spending time or staying with a partner who is often busy with their phone anytime you are together with them is totally nerve-racking and it’s a threat to our mental health.

Partners who always get busy on their phone anytime we are together with them always erode our self-esteem, and confidence and tend to make us wonder if our existence really matters as it make us feel rejected and dejected.

If your boyfriend consistently spends his entire time on his phone, texting or talking to other people whenever you’re together, it’s a strong indication that he is just not that into you. This behavior suggests that he doesn’t value your presence in his life or prioritize spending quality time with you.

It’s better not to be in a relationship than to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t value your existence.

5. He makes you feel bad about yourself.

Being in a relationship with someone who truly loves you is one of the best dreams one could ever dream of because it is not easy to love and be loved back.

Having a boyfriend or partner who truly loves you and will never let you down instead, he will lift you and make you feel good, as he will always love you for you and he will make you feel like a queen.

What’s more, a guy who is interested in you will always try to make you feel happy as seeing you happy is his number one priority.

But a guy who is only playing you will always make you feel like you’re not worthy of his attention and love and like you don’t deserve to be with him.

If being with your boyfriend consistently drains your self-esteem and lowers your confidence, it’s a clear sign that you deserve better. Remember, if he’s just playing with your emotions and making you feel inadequate, he is just not that into you. You are more than good enough, and you deserve someone who appreciates and uplifts you.

Final thoughts

If you’re just making excuses for his lack of interest or effort and trying to convince yourself that things are not as bad as they seem, you will continue to be in a terrible relationship.

If his actions and behavior consistently indicate a lack of interest, it’s crucial to acknowledge the truth: he is just not that into you. Rather than wasting your valuable time, it’s essential to recognize the signs and make the decision to move forward.

Don’t hold onto false hope or invest your energy in someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. Redirect your focus towards finding someone who appreciates and cherishes you.

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