5 Silly Sex Mistakes Men Make That Makes Them Terrible At Sex

Discover the top 5 sex mistakes men make that hinder their performance in bed. Learn how to avoid these common blunders and enhance your sex experiences.

Sex mistakes men make
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Let’s be honest: No man wants to be a terrible sexual partner. We all want to be amazingly great in bed, leaving our partners helplessly satisfied.

Despite common sex difficulties like hurtful intercourse, troubles reaching climax, low or slumberous libidos, etc, on the part of the women, we can at least hope for healthy and enjoyable sex every now and then.

Yet, we are the ones making things awful, awkward, and even difficult for ourselves and our partners by adopting and displaying habits that are nothing but pointless, unproductive, and even turn-offs.

And the worst part?

These habits only make us terrible partners and often hinder our dreams of having great and satisfying sex

There are numerous behaviors that fall into this category, but today, I will focus on discussing sex mistakes men often make, which are nothing more than silly errors that undermine their ability to be exceptional sexual partners.

So if you’re acting in one, few, or any of these ways, eliminating such habits might change your entire sex life for good.

1. Associating great sex with duration.

How satisfied do you think a woman would be if you ever happen to grind her for hours?

The odds are high that the encounter might leave her sore.

The bad news is that being obsessed about the duration of a sexual encounter or your sexual performance will certainly ruin your sex life and rob you of actually enjoying almost every sexual experience as it forces you to only focus on getting you or your partners to the big “O.”

But the good news, however, is that you don’t have to define every sexual encounter by its duration for any reason. Because longer sex isn’t always the greatest experience.

However, when you know a woman’s body well and can communicate greatly, you could make her orgasm within minutes.

How to effect a change.

Sex mistakes men make often involve placing too much emphasis on performance-based sex. The significance of giving up this approach cannot be overstated. Because it’ll make your sex life float freely, free from anxiety, less frustrating, and disappointing.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that great sex, female orgasms, and satisfaction are determined by the duration of a sexual encounter. Because sometimes a woman might be so close and then, lose it all of a sudden and it will be quite a challenge to get it back.

Other times, she won’t feel relaxed and turned on enough to actually orgasm and enjoy the experience as much as she should no matter how long it might be. That’s why you should focus more on communicating if you truly care about pleasuring and satisfying her instead of just fucking her and hoping for the best.

You should endeavor to talk about your needs and preferences in the bedroom instead of being obsessed about the duration of a sexual encounter.

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2. Treating every woman the same way.

It makes no sense for one to assume that every woman is the same when it comes to sex. Yet, some men simply prefer to go with the techniques that worked on their previous partners on other women they end up in bed with.

We all know that no two faces are exactly alike. Likewise, our desires also differ. Everybody, including women, have completely different tastes, psychologies, and needs.

Hence, what might be pleasurable and satisfying for one woman might be a taboo and a complete turn-off for another. Specifically, what worked on your ex doesn’t necessarily have to work with someone else.

And thinking that what worked before on someone else is a magical one-size-fits-all technique to satisfying all women is one of the most common sex mistakes men make.

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to pleasing every clit and vagina in the world. That’s why listening to feedback and the response of a woman’s body is every man’s best bet to please and satisfy women.

How to effect a change.

Since different women like to be touched and treated differently in the bedroom, asking her whether she likes whatever you are doing down there might be a game-changer for the both of you.

Like earlier mentioned, listening to feedback and the response of her body will leave both of you happy and satisfied and it isn’t much of an effort to achieve.

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3. Thinking Jack hammering is the way to go.

The surest way for a woman to have a miserable and unsatisfying sexual encounter with a man is to have him go really fast from the beginning, jackhammering into her, get tired, and slow down.

If you want your sexual partners to enjoy great and satisfying sex with you, you need to always try to maintain a steady rhythm when having sex.

Instead of trying to imitate porn videos and porn stars that make it seem like jackhammering into a woman during sex leads to a satisfying and enjoyable experience for her, just bear in mind that pornographic contents are never meant to be guides to what sex should be like in real life.

Besides, starting off really fast when having sex will ensure that you get tired quickly and won’t be able to keep up with the pace when she’ll be close to climax thereby ruining everything for her, leaving her unsatisfied and even disappointed at the end. That’s why it’s pointless.

How to effect a change.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that taking things as fast as you can make up for great, enjoyable, satisfying sex because she might end up losing it when she’s really close to climaxing and you can’t keep up with the pace that’ll get her to the big “O.”

Unless she’s really into rough, hard sex which is even more enjoyable towards the end when you’re both about to orgasm. But if that’s not the case, chill and take things slow and maintain a steady rhythm.

However, you shouldn’t keep it at a snail’s pace but bear in mind that it can be challenging for a woman to get it off again if the buildup is ruined by a change in speed.

Avoiding this one of many common sex mistakes men make requires attunement to the individual’s responses, effective communication, and adjusting the pace accordingly to ensure a mutually enjoyable and satisfying sexual experience.

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4. Thinking of foreplay as a warmup for PIV.

Imagine being with a woman behind closed doors having a great time while you’re fingering her. And all of a sudden, you stopped and you are like:

“Are you not wet enough?”
“I do think you’re warmed up enough.”
“Are you ready to have me inside of you?”

Do you think she would really feel happy with that?

She probably wouldn’t.

Yet, too often, a lot of guys during sex, act or behave as if the only purpose of foreplays is to prepare for Penis In Vagina form of sex. But it’s all wrong.

Because everything should be about getting and receiving pleasure which means it ain’t bad to just pleasure her during foreplays instead of making it seem like you’re only doing it to get her ready for penetrative sex and quit doing any other thing afterward.

Often, getting things structured like following the old, regular, and even boring progression from kissing, foreplay for her, foreplay for you, and then penetration kind of seem bland, monotonous, and even less satisfying for her.

That’s why lesbians are said to often enjoy greater sexual satisfaction than straight women since they aren’t subjected to following one regular, boring, and definite pattern rule to how things should be done.

So try to avoid sex mistakes men make like robing thier sexual partner(s) of their full sexual gratification potentials by getting so structured about sex and even worse, treating foreplays as a warm-up for penetrative sex.

How to effect a change.

According to research, 80% of women don’t orgasm from penetrative sex. Hence, there’s no reason to focus everything on penetration only.

You should instead, spice things up, make things less strict or structured, engage more in foreplays before penetration, after it, and sometimes skip PIV altogether.

5. Being too focused on their techniques.

How often do you find yourself being so lost and focused on all the tips, tricks, and techniques for great and satisfying sex you know instead of being present in the moment and enjoying the experience?

Sure, it ain’t bad to incorporate some techniques or tricks that will make up for a great experience. But if you find yourself being completely lost in those techniques, you might as well consider yourself to be masturbating with someone else’s body instead of having sex.

Worse, you’ll be preventing yourself from actually enjoying every sex experience if you’re always focused on your “mind-blowing techniques”.

How to effect a change.

Trying to always switch off your brain during sex and stay and remain present at the moment is crucial to avoid the sex mistake that many men make.

Because only then will any technique you apply turn you both on and lead to better and even satisfying sex.

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