8 Subtle Signs She’s The One

Discover the answer to the burning question, “Is she the one?” Don’t miss out on these valuable indicators that could potentially lead you to the love of your life. Read now and gain clarity on your relationship journey.

Is she the one? Read on to find out.

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To a whole lot of people, the idea of soulmates is rather dumb than reasonable.

To such people, it’s simply something that happens in movies and fairy tales. But to others, it’s nothing but reasonable and realistic.

They believe that there’s someone somewhere that is made for them. And the truth is, I’m one of those people.

And I also believe that there are other people you can be compatible with and have a great relationship with.

But it can be pretty tricky to distinguish a wrong partner from a fairly compatible partner or even a soulmate.

After being with my girlfriend for a considerable length of time, I came to realize that she has the keys that fit my locks, and the locks that fit my keys. In other words, we complete each other in every way.

In fact, we are almost telepathic due to the level of our emotional intimacy as we understand each other profoundly.

Do you think your woman is from the same soul family as yours? Have you been countlessly asking yourself “is she the one?”

Here are 8 telltale signs that divine if she’s the one for you.

1. She is really into you.

I can remember giving my ex all the love that I’ve got. Yeah, I loved her to the core.

But deep within me, I know she didn’t love me as much as I did. But I kept hoping, dreaming, and believing that one day, she will love me the same way I do.

Because I know that love grows with time. But I waited for days, months, and even years and it never happened.

Having a partner who is interested in everything about you and does everything within their reach to make you happy is desirable.

Hence, if your woman is genuinely into you, if she derives joy from being around you, and always strives to bring out the best in you, then is she the one?

When you have a partner who consistently shows this level of care and investment in the relationship, it’s a strong indication that you’ve found someone special.

Being in a one-sided relationship is not what anyone wants. It’s important to have a partner who reciprocates your love, support, and efforts, creating a balanced and fulfilling connection.

If you have found a woman who genuinely values you and puts effort into the relationship, consider yourself fortunate to have found someone who may indeed be the one for you.

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2. You can be yourself around her.

In every new relationship, it’s normal to bowdlerize your behavior and to project your best self to your new lover or partner.

But if you always catch yourself putting extra effort to look perfect or your partner is directly or indirectly forcing you to appear perfect, you aren’t soulmates.

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway author and Wedding official told HuffPost: “Soulmates often feel a sense of the familiar and a sense of comfort around each other. Many people say it’s easier to relax into that person and allow themselves to be vulnerable.”

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway author and Wedding official told HuffPost: “Soulmates often feel a sense of the familiar and a sense of comfort around each other. Many people say it’s easier to relax into that person and allow themselves to be vulnerable.”

Hence, If you don’t find it difficult to be yourself around your woman, you may have found the answer to the question “is she the one?”.

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3. Your goals and values are aligned.

Your relationship might likely hit a dead-end if your goals and values are not aligned.

A couple of times I have tried to take my ex hiking during weekends but she always refuses.

I even tried taking her out for weekend parties and other outdoor funs but she isn’t receptive to the idea.

And even when I succeed in persuading her to follow me, she’ll end up staying in one corner counting minutes until is time to go home. It’s freaking awkward.

The thing is, our lifestyles didn’t click. And this led to huge differences in our schedule which means we spent less time together. That is one of the main reasons why our bonds and feelings grew apart. It even got to a point where she began to accuse me of cheating on her. But I met my current girlfriend during a random hiking session with the boys.

I’m not saying that your relationship is never going to work if you both don’t like doing one or two things in common. However, when it comes to soulmates, having a handful of things in common and sharing similar values is often believed to be essential.

If you don’t share these commonalities, it might be an indication that you’re not made for each other. In other words, if you both have a lot of different values and goals, then is she the one?

Having a strong alignment in values and goals is often an important aspect of a soulmate connection. It allows for a deep understanding and compatibility that can sustain a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

While differences can bring variety and growth, a lack of shared values and goals may create significant challenges and hinder the potential for a soulmate connection. It’s important to assess the level of compatibility in these areas to determine if you’ve truly found your soulmate.

4. She respects your differences.

If your woman is fond of ridiculing your beliefs, hobbies, and interests, chances are she might not be the one for you.

A loving partner is supposed to recognize, respect, and support your choices, irrespective of your differences. It’s not necessary for you to have everything in common.

When it comes to finding the one, compatibility and shared values are important, but it’s equally crucial to have a partner who embraces your uniqueness. So, is she the one?

If you have a girlfriend, fiancée, or wife who doesn’t shame you for your beliefs and values, consider yourself lucky. Finding someone who genuinely accepts and supports you, even with your differences, is rare.

It shows that she cherishes and appreciates you for who you are, without trying to change or mold you into someone else. A partner who respects your choices and celebrates your individuality is a true gem.

5. She is strong enough to support you and also leans on you for support.

We are sometimes weighed down and beaten up by the difficulties of life. And at such times, a supportive crying shoulder would be appreciated.

For example, when we are struggling with the grief of loss, loss of job, or disappointment, we need someone to help lift our modes, mind, and soul to higher levels so that we can easily scale through the difficulty.

Even though society expects men to be tough and strong through even the toughest of times, we are also humans and there are times we really need all forms of support to survive.

Hence, a woman who is always there for you and nourishes your heart in dark and difficult situations is a keeper. She provides unwavering support and comfort when you need it most.

In the same way, if she isn’t afraid of showing you her most vulnerable self, is she the one? Opening up and being vulnerable requires trust and a deep connection. When a woman feels safe enough to reveal her truest self to you, it’s a sign of a special bond.

It demonstrates a level of emotional intimacy and authenticity that can strengthen your relationship. Being with someone who accepts and embraces vulnerability is a precious gift.

It signifies a genuine connection and a potential lifelong partnership. If you have found a woman who consistently supports you and shares her vulnerability with you, consider the possibility that she might indeed be the one you’ve been searching for.

The bottom line?

Partners who always bottle up their pains and vulnerability are not yet sold to each other and might never be.

6. The physical chemistry between you is on another level.

No relationship with a high level of physical connection or chemistry that isn’t running in the right direction.

In one of her works on Ideapod, Genefe Navilon says: “sexual behaviors are a big contributor to relationship longevity. In fact, sex is apparently a mechanism that holds a couple together, especially in long-term relationships.”

As Genefe pointed out, strong physical chemistry is like a catalyst that enhances the length and duration of relationships. It plays a significant role in the overall connection between partners.

Since your soulmate is going to be someone whom you hope to spend the rest of your life with, is she the one if you both share a strong physical connection? The answer should be a resounding yes.

The presence of a powerful physical attraction can deepen the bond and intensify the emotional connection between you and your girlfriend. It adds another layer of intimacy and passion to the relationship. While physical chemistry alone is not enough to sustain a lasting partnership, it is undeniably an important aspect.

It contributes to the overall compatibility and compatibility is a key factor in finding your soulmate. If you and your girlfriend share a strong physical connection alongside emotional compatibility, it may indicate that you’ve found someone with the potential to be the one for you.

“Holding the hand of your soulmate throws your spirit into a whirlwind, even many years into the relationship.” ~ Dr. Carmen Harra, a clinical psychologist and relationship expert.

7. She knows how to fight and make up with you.

Whenever there’s some kind of misunderstanding, arguments, or fights, ideal partners or soulmates usually find it pretty easier to make up and come to a compromise.

Whenever my parents are having a disagreement which might sometimes result in arguments, they always make up easily.

Most of the time, I felt scared, sad, or upset, especially when they use loud voices and angry words.

But what amazes me is the fact that they usually wake up the next morning on good terms as if nothing happened the previous day.

It usually seems as if their love and bond become stronger after each argument.

You might have heard that arguments strengthen relationships and they’re virtually inevitable.

Hence, if you and your woman so much understand each other up to the point where you communicate and compromise with ease during conflicts, you’ve certainly got yourself a keeper.

8. There’s just a gut feeling that “she’s the one. “

Sometimes when you meet your soulmate, your gut or instincts tell you that they’re the one.

As Rev. Brockway explains to HuffPost:
“There is usually a telltale sign that lets you know when true love has arrived — a voice in your head, a sense of recognition, or a gut feeling that this is someone special to you.”

According to him, you’ll just know, as a voice in your head will tell you that you are made for each other.

Most of the time, you won’t be able to explain why. But deep within you, there is this feeling that they’re surely “the one.”

And at such times, you just need to trust your gut and hold onto this special someone as they may likely be your true love.

Final thoughts.

When you’re together with your soulmate, you will feel like you’re in a magical union that makes you extraordinarily happy because your relationship will be less stressful compared to that of non-soulmate couples.

That’s simply because you’re with someone that’s created with you in mind. If you notice a few or all of the 8 signs above in your relationship, there’s no doubt you’re with your soulmate.

And if it seems like you are yet to find her, fret not, you’re going to find her someday and when you do, you won’t regret or growl over what you passed through before meeting her. As everything will be worth it.

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